Dear all, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, #GYM will be closing with a heavy heart until further notice.  We have received an overwhelming amount of support and kind words during these difficult times.  #GYM has been driven from the beginning as our primary aim was to promote health and wellbeing.  Through our own personal experience with our beloved father, it became increasingly clear that health is both a necessity and a priority.  Losing such a beloved soul due to ill health ignited a fire within us that fuelled us throughout the journey of developing #GYM.


Over the years #GYM has become so much more than just a brand or a building.  It is a place to feel inspired, invigorated, positive, physically, mentally and spiritually strengthened.  Each individual has cared enough to create a sentimental relationship with one another.


As a result of this global pandemic, many people are being financially affected and thus must adapt to pull through these current circumstances.  If you would like to freeze your membership, please

fill in the form at the bottom of the letter.


The government has declared that it will be financially assisting the general public but have yet to confirm the finer details.


However, if you are in a position that will enable you to continue to support us it would be greatly appreciated.  You can do this by keeping your direct debit live as this will be an enormous help in maintaining our small family run business.  If after 30 days following the announcement there is no change, we will automatically freeze all memberships.  If you need to immediately freeze your membership, we completely understand.


It would also be great if you could support personal trainers as they are an invaluable resource for education, information and guidance.  They work with tireless passion to provide excellent content whilst ensuring that you reach your goals.  They are a pillar of support throughout your physical transformation and help you to create an even stronger mindset.  Getting through uncertain times are best done together.  It cannot be predicted what is yet to come however, we can continue to move forward with hope, love and faith in a better tomorrow.


Let us all not be paralysed by panic as there are many things that we can implement to make each day great.  #GYM will be providing online training videos alongside content to keep our members motivated.  Thank you for your patience and continued support once again.


Kind regards,

Gauran Patel

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